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My Story
It all started just making Jerky at home as a hobby, I gave some to my friends and family to try and they flipped out over it! I was kind of taken back by their reaction. I said to myself, wow, It’s pretty great to see people enjoying something I created.

Well, folks, the rest is history! We Traveled throughout Central Florida for 2 years selling our Jerky to the masses. Unfortunately, we are victims of our own success. The more you sell in this business the more you have to make and making jerky is a long process especially making 4-500 lbs per week. 

So after 2 years of missing out on functions with the kids and working weekends, we decided to venture off to find a USDA processor. A company that can make our Jerky in small batches of the same quality. Wish us Luck, we look forward to putting our Craft Jerky in every store in the country!

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