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Helping Jerky Makers Bring their Jerky to Market!

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Fund Raising Made Easy 

Fat Yankee Jerky would like to help your organization, €‹Hit their Goal! Lets Face it everyone loves a good Beef Jerky! Its easy to sell and requires no special handling. You can be anywhere in the country and take advantage of our great program. Your organiztion will recieve 38% return with no risk. One simple order form & your school or organization can be on its way. 

Help Getting Started

1. Identifiy you Goal 
2. Receive $3 for every bag Sold
3. Receive $10 for every lb. Sold
4. Receive $15 3oz Variety Pack
5. Review Sample Order Form
6. Print Out Order Forms
7. Start Selling


Must sell 20 or more Bags per organization to Qualify
Must have Tax Exempt form or be Non-Profit

Get Started!
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Organization or Charity
Fundraiser Start Date
# of Participants
 Tax Exempt Form
 Fundraiser Confirmation form
 Order Form
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Sample Order Form 
 5 Reasons to sell Jerky!
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